BUNCH of early 70's Camaro stuff

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BUNCH of early 70's Camaro stuff

Post by mikespeed95 on Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:06 am

Hi everyone, heres what I need to get rid of.

70 Camaro control arms, spindles, brakes. Need gone, make offer. Scrapping soon.

Have springs for it too. Bring me a $50 and take it all. Use it, resell it, don't really care, just come get it.

70 Camaro front subframe, need gone.

79 Camaro front subframe with a bunch of racecar stuff on it.

Pro Shocks, a bunch of crap. Bring me $200 and take it home, shocks alone are more than that probably.

70-73 Camaro 10 bolt rear end. Two of em. Need gone.

One complete drum to drum Open, $100

One housing, $50

72 Gas tank, looks to be in incredible shape suprisingly. $100

72 Camaro 150mph cluster, whats it worth?

16x13 REAL wheels, came off autocross camaro, unsure of bolt pattern size. Something about Impala brakes on one end or something, easily redrill them if wrong size.

If you're in the market, get in touch with me, need this stuff gone.

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